Sarah Morgan
Gender: Female
Season: Quasar Warriors
Color(s): Pink
Homeworld: Bromina
First Appearance: TBA
Last Appearance: TBA
Number of Episode
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LG Pink Galaxy Ranger
Sarah Morgan is the adoptive sister of Kendrix Morgan and the Pink Quasar Ranger.


Sarah started life as a nameless member of the Brominian species, liquid shapeshifters that imprinted on solid beings and objects once they reached a certain age. Because her species could be used to duplicate powerful weapons, they were highly sought after. She was sold on the black market to some of Scorpius's minions, but managed to escape and crashed into one of the domes of Terra Venture.

There she was retrieved by a scientific team, including Kendrix Morgan. The Purple Quasar Ranger was fascinated by her discovery, particularly when she realized that the being was actually alive. As she studied the Brominian, the creature studied her, and eventually took on a form almost identical to hers--including her Quasar Saber and other weapons. Kendrix was startled, but flattered, and took readily to the job of teaching her about life on Terra Venture in exchange for information about her species and past. The Brominian asked her to pick a name, and she chose Sarah.


  • Transmorpher
  • Quasar Saber
  • Transdagger
  • Quasar Launchers


  • Hawk Galactabeast