Patrick "Rick" Corbett
Gender: Male
Season: Quasar Warriors
Color(s): Orange
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: Quasar Quest (1)
Last Appearance: Legendary Battle
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Patrick "Rick" Corbett is the Orange Quasar Ranger.


Rick Corbett was the youngest of the Corbett brothers, essentially raised by his oldest brother Mike when they lost their parents. When he was nearing the end of high school, the family hit a quandary. Mike had just gotten an offer to join the new NASADA project, Terra Venture, and Leo had received a scholarship to the school he'd been trying to get into for years. Mike wanted them to take both opportunities, but Leo was reluctant to split up the family, and Rick found himself caught in the middle.

Eventually, they agreed that Mike would take Rick on the Terra Venture mission and Leo would stay behind to complete his education. When the day finally came, Mike took Rick to their quarters and left for a final training exercise on the Moon. He was late coming back, and when he finally showed up just in time for the launch, he had to tell Rick that not only was he now a Power Ranger, but Leo was gone. He'd snuck aboard the ship and gone through a portal to another world, where they and four others had drawn the five Quasar Sabers from a rock and fought off monsters. In the battle Leo had fallen down a crevasse.

Rick took the news hard. With Mike doing double duty as a Terra Venture officer and a Power Ranger, Rick had a lot of time to himself, and he began using it to sneak into places he wasn't supposed to be.


  • Transmorpher
  • Quasar Saber
  • Transdagger
  • Quasar Launchers


  • Bear Galactabeast