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Dana profile
Titanium Ranger
Dana Mitchell
Gender: Female
Season: Rescue Squad
Color(s): Titanium
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: From Deep in the Shadows
Last Appearance: Time for Lightspeed
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Actor: Alison MacInnis
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de: Dana Mitchell (Beta)

fr: Dana Mitchell (Beta)

Dana Mitchell is the daughter of Captain Mitchell and sister of Jane and Ryan Mitchell. She is the Titanium Ranger.


Dana is serious, intellectual, and level-headed, even with the anger the demons brought her up with towards her family. In a car accident, she, her brother, her sister, and her father were left dangling from a cliff. Her grip was poor and she fell, only saved by the timely arrival of Diabolico. He made a deal with her father to save her life, and took her away, raising her to believe that her family had abandoned her.

When the demons began trying to rise, Dana was sent out secretly to steal the new Titanium Morpher, which she initially used against the team. However, her memories were triggered by her father saving her again, and she left to do some soul-searching. She was later reconciled with her long-lost family, joining them as the Titanium Ranger.

Titanium RangerEdit


  • Max Solarzord


  • Titanium Morpher
  • Titanium Laser