Cameron "Cammie" Chilman
Gender: Female
Season: Jungle Warriors
Color(s): Pink
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: TBA
Last Appearance: TBA
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Cameron "Cammie" Chilman is the younger sister of Lily Chilman and the Pink Jungle Fury Ranger. She has the animal spirit of the Clouded Leopard.


Cammie was always a temperamental girl, starting from when she was bullied in elementary school and managed to scare off her tormentor by knocking out two of his teeth. Although generally friendly, when she felt threatened she tended to lash out. On her older sister's recommendation, Cammie enrolled in Casey's martial arts class, thinking it would be a good way to learn a few tricks. Her sister warned Casey, who instead focused on teaching her discipline. It was not easy for either, and Cammie almost quit several times. However, upon learning that she, like the Power Rangers, had an animal spirit, she threw herself into training.

When the normally sweet Lily was turned bad by Porcupongo's quills, Cammie got an unexpected taste of her own medicine, and in trying to talk her sister out of it admitted that her own attitude stank. This realization enabled her to start resisting her temper, and mastering that finally let her take command of her animal spirit. Casey turned out to be a better teacher than either of them had thought; she was able to manifest a spectral, pink Clouded Leopard spirit in class. He got her into Pai Zhua, wherupon she learned the Rangers' secret.

Cammie wanted to join the team, was rejected, and proceeded to fight anyway. She got hurt, and was told that if she wanted to be part of the team, she had to act like it--meaning obey orders she didn't like. Reluctantly she acknowledge the point and started volunteering at Jungle Karma Pizza instead.

During her studies at Pai Zhua, she became especially interested in the history and legends of the school. One in particular stood out to her; the story of a fellow Leopard Spirit girl who'd fallen in love with a member of a rival school. According to the legend the two were found out and locked away separately, but the girl managed to channel her animal spirit into a new, powerful weapon and fight her way out, saving both of them. Cammie began investigating the story, trying to see if it was real, since to her the "weapon" sounded a lot like a morpher. Eventually she found the tomb belonging to the couple. Inside it was the weapon, a bracelet which channeled animal spirit into a physical form. Cammie used it to morph, and demonstrating her ability to the others in combat, was finally accepted as the Pink Ranger.


  • Lunar Morpher
  • Jungle Kama


  • Clouded Leopard Animal Spirit